Barru working kelpies are selectively bred from proven old bloodlines specifically for  their  natural working ability. At Barru we aim to breed old-style kelpies with inherited shepherding attributes such as cover, break and cast. Our breeders display style and class, but must have enough strength and force to move stubborn stock - cattle included. Our dogs must be structurally sound and athletic with inherited high intelligence, calmness and compliant attitudes.

Barru Merlin working wild goats...

...three-sheep trialling...

...cattle trialling...

Barru Dot

Barru Merlin

Barru Loner

Karrawarra Boozer


Barru Merlin graces the front cover of

Tony Parsons’ authoritative book

“The Kelpie”

published by Penguin Viking

Karrawarra Boozer

Karrawarra Possum

Barru Luke

Karrawarra Lisa II

Barru Dot

Karrawarra Dora

Barru Shadow

Barru Spiderman