About Us

Scott and Trish Amon established Barru Working Kelpies in the early 1990’s based on Tony Parson’s famous Karrawarra lines that trace back to the best practical work and trial kelpies of the post WWII era.

Tony Parson’s selection criteria was based on correctness of inherited natural shepherding ability (cast, break, cover and calm walk-up strength), compliancy, intelligence and sturdy, athletic type. Tony paid world record prices to obtain the very best genetics of kelpies that traced back to the foundation dogs of the breed.

The only slight change of selection criteria by Barru was to select the calmer, stronger types that were suited to cattle work as well as the sheep work that Tony specifically concentrated on. All Barru breeders work sheep, cattle and feral goats effectively.

Barru is located on the Mid North Coast of NSW in the productive valley of Valla. Barru breeds brahman and brahman cross beef cattle and runs a stud of Australian White sheep.

Over the past two decades Barru has exported kelpies all over the world and our dogs are proven major assets on many livestock enterprises throughout every state of Australia.

We welcome visitors to view our dogs working as we believe our dogs’ natural ability speaks louder than any conversation or printed word can…

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