Karrawarra Minnie 1999-2011

Minnie is a foundation bitch of the Barru stud and you will find either her or her parentage in virtually all Barru dogs. She was a lovely medium build type, loaded with work and ever-keen to work any stock. She was a very correct bitch shepherding wise and had a wonderful compliant and very sound temperament. A number of influential people made offers to buy her, but she never left Barru. She was taken back to Karrawarra sires and to outside sires – the former delivering great success. Her mother, Gemma, was a proven station bitch on a big Queensland run working large numbers of sheep and goats. Her father Skip was out of the exceptional brood bitch that James Dudley had, Karrawarra Megs. To have had the opportunity to kick off Baru with such a great bitch was a blessing that we cannot thank Tony Parsons enough for.

Karrawarra Tess 2003-2015

Tess was a lovely type of red and tan bitch. Strong bodied and keen to work anything that moved. She was pushier in her work than a lot of my other Karrawarra dogs, but still had that characteristic arc, break, and cover of the Karrawarra dogs. She carried a double cross of very strong and talented Abernant Jim which brought with it 4 crosses of the proven and acclaimed Liscannor Pace.

Barru Dot

Dot is an extremely faithful black and tan bitch of excellent type both in nature and build. She is impressive moving and stylish in her work on cattle and sheep. She has tremendous cast and natural feel and balance on her stock. She is one of the toughest dogs we have ever had. Fearless on cattle, but calm. Will not hesitate to put her life on the line to hold ground. While being tough and strong she can handle touchy sheep with ease and will calmly take body blows from a ewe with lamb at foot, and stay with it until she has it back with the mob. She has proven a very good brood bitch, particularly when you skip a generation. We are now just starting to produce a few double crosses of her and the progeny are outstandingly calm, strong and correct. A couple of her better known direct progeny are Barru Monkey (successfully trialled and used widely as a sire by Joe Spicer of the Gogetta stud) and Barru Billy who worked in Griffith sale yards and contract working for Chris Johnson. Chris, not a man to mince his words, reckoned Billy was one heck of a tough dog.

Karrawarra Lisa II 2009 – 2021

Lisa is a big-boned muscular bitch with some real magic in her work. She has impressive break and arc in her work and a very natural stop once she has her stock under control. She has been nothing short of an outstanding brood bitch, producing many high quality progeny.

Karrawarra Possum – retired

Possum is a superb looking long-bodied bitch that covers the ground with grace and ease. She is naturally very correct in her work and has been since she first went around her stock as a young pup. She is a full litter sister to our great sire Karrawarra Boozer. Possum has only been trialled a few times, but won the maiden event at her first ever cattle trial at Macksville, NSW. She is a very compliant and special bitch to have around. Her progeny are doing general stock work all over the country as well as regularly taking out ribbons at sheep and cattle trials.

Karrawarra Dora- retired

Dora is a softer-eyed, free worker compared to a lot of the other Karrawarra blood we have. So works with less eye, and a little more movement. She is a compliant bitch, easy to control and very keen to work. Like all of our breeders here she has relatively correct shepherding ability – clean arc, some cast, natural stop on points of control and good stock reading.

Karrawarra Bonnie III

Bonnie is a classic old style Karrawarra bitch. Built tall, strong and athletic. She is totally dedicated to stock work, simply lives and breathes it. From the minute she started work she was intense, but displayed that characteristic arc and break that the Karrawarra dogs are renowned for. She pulls herself up once she has control of a few or a mob, before stepping in to pressure and shift the stock. She has lovely anticipation and cover. Bonnie continues to produce wonderfully natured offspring that are loaded with clean correct shepherding ability.

Barru Glider

We have negotiated to buy Glider back. She will retire here and hopefully produce just one or two litters for us. She is a chip off her father’s block both in looks and nature. She is also a proven work bitch that has done the hard yards in Griffith sale yard, pumping huge numbers of sheep through the yards and, according to Chris Johnson, she still had fuel in the tank after the longest, hottest days. Exceptional type backed up with class work style and commitment. One of the nicest dogs you could wish for to have around you.

Barru Mouse IV

Mouse is one of the sweetest natured and ‘die for you’ dogs that we have ever had. She is an intense worker that controls a mob with limited to no command and assertive, yet responsible. Her work would be as ‘correct’ as we have seen in a dog. She has shown some real strength on cattle and will revert to sheep work and adjust her work immediately. We hope to have litters out of her very soon.

Barru Boo Boo

Boo Boo is a fast covering intense worker. She insists on movement, but can hold a position and steady right up on command. Her mother Kelly is a full litter sister to the widely used sire and proven trial dog Barru Monkey. We presently have her second litter on the ground and both litters have had a high percentage of outstanding workers.

Petersons Jaffa

Jaffa represents a double cross of great old Merlin close up, while also having A father, Luke, that has some of the most impressive natural shepherding traits that we have seen. She very much takes after her father Barru Luke, casting wide and pulling up naturally on pressure points of whatever livestock she is working. She is a natural lead dog like Luke and will naturally move onto the front wing of a mob and keep them walking without turning the lead. She drives nicely once called back from the front and shows a lot of heart to shift argumentative stock. Her progeny are already proving themselves through the country on large holdings.

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