Andrew and Rachael Holmes – Rosebank Working Kelpies

“We had our first introduction to Barru Working Kelpies when we got an 8 week old Barru Merlin X Karrawarra Lisa II dog pup “Ted” from Scott & Trish Amon in 2015. We fell in love with 2 things that day, the very handsome and loyal black and tan pup we had just acquired and the lovely people we got to meet, whose friendship has only thrived since! We currently have 6 dogs here from Barru and admire their natural ability, temperaments, style, class and type. We run a 600 cow dairy, beef cattle & merino sheep in the Carboor valley NE Vic, and find the dogs lend themselves to all aspects of our business. We’d be lost without them.” 

Andrew & Rachael Holmes 

Curtis Ilett – Burnett Region Queensland

Curtis manages Approximately 10,000 head of brahman based cattle on some 75,000 acres of country.

“From the first conversation I had with Scott I knew I was on the right road to getting a dog for my needs. I manage a beef cattle property in south east Queensland handling large numbers of cattle on a daily basis. From mustering in the hills to breaking weaners we do it all. I need a dog with natural ability, good travel, and calm strength. Upon telling Scott this he assured me there would be a dog for me. I then worked with Scott for some time before getting a dog but it was well worth the wait. The dog suited my needs perfectly. Scott has a real passion for his dogs and knows his product inside out. I will always recommend Barru very highly as they are only interested in getting you the right dog.”

Curtis Ilett

Chris Johnson – NSW Riverina

Chris is a registered livestock agent, highly respected trial judge and has his own contract stock work business. For years he has put in long hard days working at Griffith Saleyards – a big-throughput centre.

“I have been dealing with Scott and Trish for nearly 10 years and throughout that time I have done a fair bit of stockwork. Mostly sheep but enough cattle and goat work to need the right dogs. I have run my own sheep and cattle as well doing contract work, livestock cartage and a lot of saleyard work. Scott took the time to understand what I do and what type of dogs I would need to get my work done.

When I went to Barru I first noticed the consistent type and good nature of the dogs, followed by Scott’s openness in showing me anything I wanted to see. I ended up with Billy and Glider as the mainstays of my team and can’t remember ever coming up short on a job. Glider is a bitch with a huge engine and carrying plenty in the brains department. A very smart sheepdog that could work things out for herself and worked better and better the less you spoke to her. We could work for hours, regardless of what job we were doing, with barely a word spoken and she would never knock off early.

Billy would be without doubt the toughest, most fearless and intense dog I have owned. He wasn’t screw-loose, crazy type fearless, just strong and intense. His ability to carry pain without even blinking left me shaking my head on occasion. I have said more than once I am glad he never looked at me the way he looked at any stock. Away from work Billy was like a pet. You had more chance of tripping over him than losing him. The way he was around my kids told me all I needed.

I cannot remember looking at a job and thinking I needed more dogs. For example, for 3 or 4 years these two dogs did the bulk of my saleyard work where I handled around 320 000 sheep a year on Thursdays. Billy and Glider did this work without a bark, such was their ability.”

Chris Johnson

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