Pups available

This image represents possibly one of the most significant achievements in Barru Working Kelpies’ almost 3 decades of work. It is one of a number of live pups in Barru Mouse and fathered by Barru Luke.
It is the first time we have used this technology to confirm a pregnancy as it has cost us a lot of time and effort to get to this point. Mouse has been one of the very few of our bitches that has proven difficult to get in pup, so we used the reproductive skills of Liz Brown (Northern Rivers Veterinary Service Casino) to monitor Mouses progesterone levels and then surgically inseminate her with freshly collected semen from Luke.
We will monitor Mouses progesterone levels and supplement if need be to prevent foetal re-adsorption.
Fingers crossed for live pups on the ground and then some very special workers in amongst them. This cross brings together two exceptional all-round workers and types. It combines the strengths, shepherding and proven station work of Barru Merlin (from both parents), Barru Billy, Barru Dot, Barru Wizard, Karrawarra Gypsy, Karrawarra Lisa, Karrawarra Bonnie and many more. A match made in heaven as far as we are concerned.

Litter born 20 Feb 2021 – 9 pups

Barru Billy x Peterson Jaffa

Pups starting at Barru in October 2020
Some young and upcoming Barru pups

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