Pups available

Litter born – 24th July – 2020 – 7 red and tan males – 2 black and tan males
Barru Luke x Timberhills Ruth (Roo)

Luke is getting on in years and is renowned for his searching cast, break and clean strength. Roo is a classy bitch that freely backs in the yards and is a good, keen cattle worker. Her father Coopendale Mack was a highly achieved cattle and sheep work and trial dog. Mack had work traits and was a type quite similar to our very good sire Barru Merlin. Roo’s mother is Barru Magic II, who was was a litter sister to the outstanding Barru Shadow that went to the US and Warwick Doolans sensational bitch Barru Sandy. That mating (Barru Merlin x Tumut Valley Jet) produced a highly successful litter. Magic is a proven strong and correct cattle worker. Only dog pups available.

Litter born – 19th July – 2020 – one female and 7 males available – solid blacks, Black and Tan and solid red pups
Barru Jimmy x Pilbara Rose

Some young and upcoming Barru pups
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