Pups available

Litter due – 12 August 2020 –
Barru Jimmy x Barru Glider

This may well be Glider’s last litter (read about her working style and career on the ‘Dams’ page). She is as nice a type and work style as you would wish for. Virtually a female version of her sire Merlin. Jimmy also carries Merlin blood. He is a wonderful natured solid black dog with good shepherding ability and plenty of strength on cattle and sheep. Pups should be big-framed broad-headed types with good strength and shepherding along with lovely temperaments.

Litter due – 13 August – 2020
Barru Luke x Barru Mouse

This is a very exciting mating for us. Luke is getting on in years and is renowned for his cast, break and clean strength. Mouse has been a favourite since she first laid her eyes on livestock. A big yellow bitch she has loads of strength, but still very correct in her shepherding ability. We have not been able to get her in pup so far and have established that she ovulates much earlier than most bitches. We have AI’d her twice to Luke, so fingers crossed that she is in pup. Expect wonderful natured strong progeny loaded with work from these pups.

Litter due early April 2020 –
Barru Spiderman x Karrawarra Bonnie

This litter represents pure Karrawarra blood and has been done to preserve the 60 or more years of selecting breeding by Tony Parsons for class sheepdogs with correct shepherding ability. Some of the progeny will no doubt prove to be quality cattle workers also as Bonnie has produced plenty of them over the years. Pups should be big framed types with medium eye and a good natural feel for their stock. They will most likely back a race of sheep, but will have limited to no bark. Good mob sense and paddock work is expected in the progeny.

5 females – 6 males – all black and tan

Litter due early May 2020 –
Barru Billy x Barru Boo Boo

This is a repeat mating due to the previous litter proving to be one of the best joining we have ever done. The entire litter of 9 have already shown to be outstanding workers with tremendous shepherding instincts and loads of strength. Some pups are already booked from this mating, so be sure to drop us a line if you are interested in securing one.

Some young and upcoming Barru pups
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