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Spiderman/Bonnie and Billy/Lilly pups 29/05/20

Some young and upcoming Barru pups

Karrawarra Bonnie whelps to Spiderman

11 pups – 6 males 5 females all Black and Tan

Litter due early May 2020 – Barru Billy x Barru Boo Boo

This is a repeat mating due to the previous litter proving to be one of the best joining we have ever done. The entire litter of 9 have already shown to be outstanding workers with tremendous shepherding instincts and loads of strength. Some pups… Continue Reading “Litter due early May 2020 – Barru Billy x Barru Boo Boo”

Litter due early April 2020 – Barru Spiderman x Karrawarra Bonnie

This litter represents pure Karrawarra blood and has been done to preserve the 60 or more years of selecting breeding by Tony Parsons for class sheepdogs with correct shepherding ability. Some of the progeny will no doubt prove to be quality cattle workers also… Continue Reading “Litter due early April 2020 – Barru Spiderman x Karrawarra Bonnie”

Barru Clancy

Barru Clancy (Barru Spiderman x Barru Dot) gets some fine-tuning training leading up to his first few trials with Warren Taylor.

Glider whelps

Barru Glider has just whelped to Barru Shadow III. She is presently owned by Peter Hogan of Petersons Kelpies, but will be purchased back after she raises this litter. Barru will keep one or two pups from this litter as potential future breeders.


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